Landscaping Service in Phelan

Since 2005, RB Paving & Landscape has been a respected name in the Phelan community and neighboring areas. Led by owner Ruben Beltran, our team of diligent professionals is devoted to providing exceptional customer service and excellent craftsmanship to every commercial and residential client. Run by locals and deeply ingrained in the community, our company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured to guarantee your peace of mind. By starting with a strong emphasis on family-centeredness and continuing that tradition to this day, we’ve garnered a reputation as the Phelan area’s most esteemed landscaping and paving business. Our team’s dedication is unparalleled when it comes to exceeding your expectations and ensuring your needs are met. Contact us today to see the RB Paving & Landscape difference firsthand and to schedule your complimentary quote!

Elevate Your Outdoor Spaces with Our Phelan Landscaping Company

Our passion at RB Paving & Landscape lies in the art of crafting personalized and breathtaking outdoor spaces. Our expertise covers tree planting, artificial turf installation, rockscapes, retaining walls, irrigation systems, landscape lighting, block walls, and more, offering a complete array of services to enhance your property’s functionality and appeal. Whether you want to create a sleek, low-maintenance landscape or a lush garden sanctuary, we have the skills and innovative ideas to turn your vision into a stunning reality. Our process revolves around personalization, as we collaborate closely with every client to customize our strategies based on your individual vision, preferences, and budgetary considerations. We dedicate ourselves to surpassing expectations and delivering exceptional results, from small residential projects to substantial commercial developments. Choose us as your preferred landscaper in Phelan for unmatched skill, attention to detail, and a seamless experience from vision to execution.

Tree Services

Tree Transplant

RB Paving & Landscape offers expert services in tree transplantation. Our expertise lies in relocating trees to improve your landscape’s design, ensuring their seamless integration and growth. Join forces with your landscape designer to design the breathtaking yard you’ve been longing for! Handling every detail from picking optimal planting positions to post-transplant nurturing, we ensure a vibrant and cohesive ecosystem.

Tree Trimming

We offer a complete tree trimming service aimed at maximizing the health, security, and beauty of your trees, ultimately enhancing the overall beauty and function of your property. Our team of knowledgeable arborists utilizes cutting-edge pruning practices to foster healthy growth, refine tree structure, and enhance the visual appeal of your landscape. We ensure a safe environment by skillfully removing dead or overgrown branches to mitigate risks like falling debris or branches during storms for the sake of your family and guests.

Apart from safety concerns, routine tree trimming contributes to tree health by mitigating disease risks and enhancing air circulation and sunlight penetration to the canopy. Through these measures, we encourage strong development, colorful foliage, and overall tree health, resulting in a beautiful and vibrant landscape that endures throughout every season. We adapt our tree trimming services to cater to the individual traits of various tree species and correspond with your landscaping objectives. Our proficiency in tree trimming guarantees that your trees will flourish and enhance the value, aesthetics, and safety of your property for years to come.


Concrete Foundations

Whether it’s a grand endeavor or a modest undertaking, you can count on us for top-notch concrete foundation paving services. Whether you’re constructing a house, garage, or outdoor addition, our team ensures a sturdy and precisely poured foundation that provides a reliable platform for your building projects.


RB Paving & Landscape is your one-stop solution for all paving needs, whether it’s new paving, repairs, striping, sealcoating, full parking lot installs, patching, crack filling, or other services. Our hardscape architecture services focus on designing and building many surface types, including sidewalks, driveways, and roads. We are committed to finishing projects on schedule and on budget, delivering exceptional results that improve the aesthetics and usability of your business or home.


Enhance your landscape design with our top-tier concrete curbing services. Thoughtfully placed curbs do more than enhance visual appeal – they provide erosion control, space definition, and structural order to your outdoor space, demonstrating their significance in landscaping.


Redefine outdoor living with our bespoke patio paving services. Enhance your leisure time with a stunning patio that seamlessly integrates elegance and practicality, creating a perfect spot for unwinding, dining, and hosting gatherings.


Concrete paving is where we excel, offering expert execution of options like stamped and colored concrete, decorative concrete, general paving, driveways, and sidewalks. Ensuring timely project completion, budget adherence, and meeting exact client requirements are our core focuses, and that’s how we deliver such outstanding results. Count on our dedication to excellence and precision to create concrete surfaces that are durable, visually appealing, and designed to withstand the elements for years to come.

Basketball Courts

Elevate your recreational experience with a personalized basketball court, courtesy of our custom paving solutions. Trust us to design and install distinctive courts that bring fun and recreation to your home, promising years of happiness for you and your beloved companions.

Stone & Rock

Colored Concrete

Upgrade your outdoor space using colorful concrete from our reputable local landscaping service in Phelan. Infusing versatility and resilience, colored concrete breathes new life into pathways, patios, and driveways, adding individualized charm, boosting curb appeal, and creating a unified outdoor aesthetic. Embrace the multitude of color choices to enjoy a completely bespoke and harmonized end result.

Stepping Stone Pavers

Add a touch of elegance to your back or front yard landscaping with our stepping stone pavers. Construct delightful walkways, showcase garden highlights, and add a hint of refinement and practicality to any outdoor area with these versatile and stylish pavers.

Patio Pavers

Upgrade your home’s curb appeal with our selection of patio pavers. Enhance the style and value of your property with our trendy and sturdy pavers, which don’t just improve curb appeal, but also add functionality and establish inviting outdoor living spaces.

Decorative Rock

Add the perfect finishing touch to your outdoor spaces with decorative rock from RB Paving & Landscape. Whether for residential front or back yard landscaping or commercial areas, our wide selection of decorative rocks adds dynamic texture, bold contrast, and intriguing visual appeal to your project. Through their harmonious interaction, these elements elevate your landscape and create a charming, inviting setting that makes a lasting impression on both passersby and guests.

Veneer Stone

Transform your outdoor space by incorporating veneer stone for a stunning upgrade. Veneer stone is an excellent choice for enhancing accent walls, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and various other uses because it brings texture, warmth, and a hint of nature’s beauty to your landscape concept. Consider veneer stone when you want an inviting and stylish outdoor sanctuary.

Flagstone Walkways

Embrace the enduring appeal of flagstone walkways. Made from genuine stone, these pathways provide unique textures, long-lasting durability, and a natural appeal that seamlessly and significantly enhances any outdoor ambiance. Utilize flagstone to bring a unique and lasting element to your landscape design.

Grass Alternatives

Putting Greens

Improve your golf skills with our exquisite, personalized putting greens. Tailored to fit your style and available space, these putting greens offer a professional-standard surface for training and enjoyment, allowing you to sharpen your skills and enjoy a golf course setting in your backyard.

Artificial Turf

Artificial turf offers several benefits, such as reduced maintenance, water conservation, and consistent greenery regardless of the season. Offering a lush, authentic look without the demands of mowing or watering, it’s an ideal choice for environmentally conscious individuals with busy schedules. Your landscaper near you will walk you through available choices and assist in determining if artificial turf is suitable for your project.


Decorative Block Walls

We stand out when it comes to creating decorative block walls that add a touch of elegance and practicality to your home. Block walls stand out for their versatility in design, offering more options compared to traditional retaining walls while also providing essential structural support. Crafted from resilient concrete and reinforced with steel components as needed, our landscaping company’s interlocking block designs guarantee stability and even weight distribution to address a variety of landscaping demands.

Whether you’re dreaming of edging your lawn or adding a unique feature such as a fire pit, our skilled team can turn your vision into reality with accuracy and proficiency. Block walls offer practical solutions for soil containment, plant definition, or land partitioning, presenting limitless design potential for your landscape vision. We’re delighted to work alongside you to design striking and efficient block walls that elevate the appeal and usability of your outdoor space.

Raised Planters

Enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor space with our raised planters. These stylish features grace outdoor spaces with allure and detail, creating a centerpiece for thriving greenery and enchanting floral arrangements. Customizable to your liking and engineered for durability, our raised planters promise functionality and charm for your landscape.

Patio Design

BBQ Islands

Elevate your outdoor grilling with our personalized BBQ island solutions. These custom islands are built for convenience and flair, featuring a range of integrated grills, countertops, storage solutions, and seating solutions tailored to your specifications. Embrace effortless outdoor dining and hosting with a BBQ island that enhances your outdoor space to make every meal is a joyous occasion.


Enrich your outdoor lifestyle with RB Paving & Landscape’s handcrafted pergolas. These chic installations offer shading, delineate areas, and introduce architectural charm to your outdoor space. Tailored for leisure or entertainment, pergolas foster a relaxing and inclusive environment that elevates your outdoor space as a preferred gathering place for shared moments with loved ones.


Desert Oasis

Turn your High Desert property into a tranquil desert retreat with the assistance of our residential landscaping experts. Through our distinctive desert oasis landscaping service, we integrate lush greenery, serene water features, and carefully planned design components to craft a serene hideaway that’s perfectly suited for our regional climate.

Native Plants to the High Desert Area

Each of our landscaping designs represent a focus on using native plants. With options like Joshua trees, desert sage, Mojave yuccas, and many others, our experts will help you hand-pick every detail of your landscape design. Our approach incorporates the inherent splendor and adaptability of local plants and wildlife to develop eco-conscious landscapes that offer enduring charm, easy maintenance, and environmental advantages.

Desert Landscapes

In the dry, desert climate of California’s High Desert, you’ll want a landscaper who is intimately familiar with the challenges and advantages that come with this environment. At RB Paving & Landscape, we have a knack for crafting breathtaking desert landscapes that thrive in this unique region. Our methods involve incorporating plants that withstand drought, using xeriscaping (or dryscaping) methods, and developing sustainable designs that highlight and utilize the natural beauty of Phelan.

Modern Landscapes

Our landscaping designs harmonize modern elegance with functionality for a blend of style and usability. Whether it’s minimalist garden spaces or cutting-edge outdoor living areas, we create contemporary landscapes that elevate your property’s charm and enhance your outdoor enjoyment. They also increase property value and improve curb appeal!

Drought-Tolerant Landscape

Our exceptional team stands out in crafting stunning, eco-friendly, drought-resistant outdoor environments. Our method integrates native plants, xeriscaping practices, and efficient irrigation to craft landscapes that prioritize water conservation, minimize maintenance, and excel in arid climates, ensuring lasting beauty and environmental sustainability.

Low Voltage Lighting

Enhance your outdoor environment with our stylish and efficient low-voltage landscape lighting solutions. Enhance safety, highlight architectural characteristics, and create an inviting atmosphere with environmentally friendly LED fixtures that enhance your landscape design’s charm throughout the day and night.

Irrigation & Drainage

Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

RB Paving & Landscape’s sprinkler irrigation systems provide thorough and efficient watering solutions. Flexible configurations and uniform delivery ensure your landscape is appropriately watered, supporting strong growth and efficient water usage for a lively, verdant outdoor haven.

Drip Irrigation

Enjoy the ease and effectiveness of a drip irrigation system from our landscaping service. Elevate your watering routine with this automated solution that delivers water directly to plant roots for water savings, time efficiency, and flourishing, vibrant landscapes.


It’s important to realize the significance of incorporating effective drainage systems in your landscaping plan. Adequate drainage mitigates water damage, erosion, and accumulation, forms a robust base for your plants and buildings, and improves the resilience and charm of your outdoor environment.

Insurance Repairs

RB Paving & Landscape is your reliable choice for landscape repairs and emergency tree care services. Our skilled team is quick to respond to storm damage, fallen trees, or any outdoor emergencies. By collaborating with your insurance provider, we aim to make the repair process effortless and convenient for you. Our aim is to deliver rapid and effective restoration services for your outdoor space. Our team provides professional expertise and meticulous coordination to restore your landscape to the beautiful scene you love.


Let us breathe new life into your outdoor space with our complete cleanup solutions. Whether it’s a comprehensive single cleanup, weed control, or an intricate lawn manicure, our team delivers a polished and finely maintained outdoor space. Regular maintenance doesn’t just enhance the outward appearance of your yard, but also encourages plant vitality, suppresses weed overgrowth, and fosters a hospitable environment for outdoor fun. We guarantee to keep your outdoor space looking its finest throughout every season.


Iron Fencing

Enhance both the safety and visual appeal of your property with our custom wrought iron fences, doors, and gates. Our team specializes in developing unique concepts for homes and businesses, capitalizing on the resilience and adaptability of wrought iron to create enduring and aesthetically pleasing outdoor iron accents. Every part is meticulously measured and flawlessly installed to accentuate the uniqueness and appeal of your home or business while also ensuring long-lasting functionality.

Vinyl Fencing

Our vinyl fencing options are adaptable, offering versatility to complement different needs and styles. Our vinyl fencing collection offers a plethora of designs, heights, and colors, providing solutions for privacy, security, or decorative use. Whether utilized in residential or commercial settings, vinyl fences offer easy maintenance, longevity, and aesthetic attractiveness, contributing value and appeal to any property. Count on us to deliver premium vinyl fencing solutions that are personalized to meet your specific tastes and specifications.

Land Work

Tractor Work

Rely on RB Paving & Landscape for proficient tractor work. Completing this task is vital to ensure land is properly primed, which is fundamental in achieving an appealing landscape design. Our skilled professionals are recognized for their precise execution and safety measures. Count on our expertise for the success of your landscaping project.


Finding the most skilled grading professionals is essential, and we guarantee precise and expert results. Careful grading results in a level and functional outdoor setting, promotes efficient drainage, prevents erosion, and provides a stable base for your outdoor living areas.

Fire Pits

Block Fire Pits

Elevate the uniqueness and style of your outdoor space with block fire pits. Made with sturdy materials, these fire pits create a gathering spot and enhance the sophistication and charm of your landscape design.

Fire Pits

Infuse your outdoor areas with a touch of warmth and charm using our fire pits, designed to set the stage for cozy get-togethers and moments of relaxation. Whether it’s a chilly night or a warm summer evening, a fire pit transforms your outdoor setting into a warm and pleasant space.

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