Landscaping Service in Apple Valley

RB Paving & Landscape has been committed to catering to the Apple Valley region’s needs for over 15 years. Guided by owner Ruben Beltran, our dedicated team of experts strives to offer unparalleled customer service and superior craftsmanship to all our residential and commercial clients. Our company is deeply rooted in the community, run by locals, and fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your assurance. With a foundation built on family-centered principles and a commitment to upholding those values, we’ve become recognized as the most reliable landscaping and paving business in the Apple Valley area. No other team is as committed as ours to going above and beyond to meet and exceed your expectations. Get in touch now, arrange your free quote, and discover why RB Paving & Landscape is the ultimate pick for your paving or landscaping project!

Elevate Your Outdoor Spaces with Our Apple Valley Landscaping Company

At RB Paving & Landscape, we are driven by a passion for turning simple lawns into beautifully customized landscapes. Our expertise spans retaining walls, irrigation systems, artificial turf, landscape lighting, tree planting, rockscapes, block walls, and many other landscaping services, so you can be sure your property’s beauty and functionality will be elevated to the next level. Whether you’re picturing a lush garden hideaway or a contemporary, low-maintenance outdoor living space, our team has the capabilities and vision to bring your ideas to life. Collaboration is key, so we work closely with each client to adjust our approach to align with your unique budget, vision, and preferences. We always strive for excellence, consistently exceeding expectations in every job – from significant commercial projects to small-scale residential endeavors. Trust us as your top landscaper in Apple Valley for attention to detail, unmatched craftsmanship, and a seamless process from start to finish.

Irrigation & Drainage

Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

Enjoy comprehensive watering solutions with RB Paving & Landscape’s advanced sprinkler irrigation systems. Customizable controls and consistent coverage guarantee your landscape receives optimal hydration, fostering healthy growth and responsible water conservation for a vibrant, flourishing outdoor retreat.

Drip Irrigation

Embrace the simplicity and effectiveness of a drip irrigation system from our landscaping service. Enhance watering accuracy and efficiency with an automated solution that delivers water directly to plant roots, conserving water, time, and energy for a vibrant, thriving landscape.


It’s important to recognize the critical role drainage systems play in your landscaping endeavors. Strategic drainage deters water damage, soil erosion, and standing water, sets a firm foundation for your plants and buildings, and elevates the resilience and charm of your yard.


Desert Landscapes

For the arid climate of California’s High Desert, you need an expert landscaper who is well-versed in the nuances and opportunities of this distinctive region. RB Paving & Landscape stands out for our ability to create magnificent desert landscapes that are uniquely tailored to thrive in this environment. Our approach includes incorporating drought-tolerant flora, implementing xeriscaping (dryscaping) techniques, and designing sustainably to enhance and make the most of the natural beauty of Apple Valley.

Modern Landscapes

We combine sleek, modern aesthetics with functional elements in our landscaping designs. From minimalist garden retreats to cutting-edge outdoor living spaces, we specialize in contemporary landscapes that enhance your property’s aesthetics and elevate your leisurely lifestyle. They also contribute to enhanced curb appeal and increased property value!

Desert Oasis

Our residential landscaping professionals can assist in creating a serene desert oasis at your High Desert property. During your specialized desert oasis landscaping service, we harmonize lush foliage, tranquil water elements, and thoughtful design elements to construct a tranquil refuge that flourishes in our local environment.

Low Voltage Lighting

Illuminate your outdoor space with our fashionable and useful low-voltage landscaping lighting solutions. Improve safety, accentuate architectural elements, and foster a cozy atmosphere using energy-saving LED fixtures that beautifully complement your landscape design at any hour.

Drought-Tolerant Landscape

We excel at crafting beautiful, sustainable, water-efficient outdoor landscapes that thrive in dry conditions. Through strategic use of native flora, xeriscaping methods, and smart irrigation, we craft water-wise landscapes that minimize upkeep, thrive in arid environments, and embody enduring beauty and eco-consciousness.

Native Plants to the High Desert Area

The foundation of our landscaping designs lies in the inclusion of native plants. Our experts will assist you in choosing from a variety of options, including Joshua trees, desert sage, Mojave yuccas, and more, to create a personalized landscape design. By utilizing the natural allure and hardiness of native flora and fauna, we design sustainable landscapes that deliver enduring charm, minimal upkeep, and environmental rewards.

Patio Design

BBQ Islands

Discover a new level of outdoor culinary delight with our custom-built BBQ islands. Tailored to your preferences, these bespoke islands combine convenience and sophistication, showcasing a variety of built-in grills, countertops, storage spaces, and seating options. Indulge in seamless outdoor cooking and socializing with a BBQ island that enriches your outdoor setting with memorable dining experiences.


Enhance your outdoor lifestyle with RB Paving & Landscape’s tailored pergolas. These elegant additions provide shade, establish boundaries, and contribute to the architectural aesthetics of your outdoor space. Tailored for relaxation and socializing, pergolas create a comfortable and inclusive environment that makes your outdoor space the perfect spot for leisure time with family and friends.

Stone & Rock

Colored Concrete

Enrich your outdoor space using bold colored concrete from our reputable local landscaping service in Apple Valley. Combining versatility and strength, colored concrete completely reinvents patios, driveways, and walkways, adding individualized charm, elevating curb appeal, and creating a harmonious outdoor aesthetic. With numerous color options available, you can achieve a fully customized and seamless outdoor style.

Flagstone Walkways

Experience the enduring charm of flagstone pathways. These pathways, crafted from authentic stone, provide distinct textures, long-lasting durability, and a rustic appeal that naturally enriches and transforms any outdoor environment. Opt for flagstone to add a unique and timeless element to your landscape design.

Stepping Stone Pavers

Elevate the aesthetics of your back or front yard landscaping by incorporating stepping stone pavers. Create charming trails, illuminate garden focal points, and bring a touch of grace and practicality to your outdoor space with these adaptable and fashionable pavers.

Veneer Stone

Elevate your outdoor environment using veneer stone for a captivating transformation. When it comes to accent walls, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, and beyond, veneer stone is the perfect way to add texture, warmth, and a natural touch that enhances your landscape vision. Discover the allure of veneer stone for an inviting and fashionable outdoor living area.

Decorative Rock

Enhance the aesthetic of any outdoor space with decorative rock from RB Paving & Landscape. Transform your residential front or back yard landscaping or commercial spaces with our versatile range of decorative rock options to bring dynamic texture, dramatic contrast, and captivating visual intrigue into your project. In unison, these elements enhance your landscape, producing a charming and inviting setting that leaves a lasting impression on both passersby and guests.

Patio Pavers

Transform your home’s appearance with our variety of patio pavers. Improve your property’s charm and worth with our stylish and durable pavers that don’t just enhance curb appeal, but also add functionality and create inviting outdoor living areas.


Renew and refresh your outdoor environment with our all-encompassing cleanup services. From one-time deep cleans to weed eradication or detailed garden grooming, our team ensures a flawlessly maintained and immaculate landscape. Consistent upkeep doesn’t just enhance the curb appeal of your property, but it also sustains plant wellness, prevents weed proliferation, and cultivates a cozy atmosphere for outdoor relaxation. Trust us to maintain the stunning appearance of your outdoor space no matter the time of year.


Decorative Block Walls

With meticulous attention to detail, we excel in crafting decorative block walls that elevate the appeal and usability of your outdoor space. Block walls diverge from the norm of traditional retaining walls by offering an extensive range of design options to blend functionality and visual appeal seamlessly. Our landscaping company utilizes durable concrete, reinforced with steel where essential, to construct interlocking block designs that offer secure footing and uniform weight distribution for different landscaping needs.

Whether your imagination leans towards defining your landscape or including an innovative component like a fire pit, our adept team can execute your visions with precision and skill. Block walls present practical opportunities for soil containment, plant separation, or land division, allowing for boundless creativity in your landscape planning. We take pride in teaming up with you to build gorgeous and functional block walls that elevate the attractiveness and practicality of your outdoor space.

Raised Planters

Boost the aesthetic charm of your outdoor space with our raised planters. These tasteful additions add elegance and detail to outdoor spaces, establishing a focal point for lush foliage and vibrant floral showcases. Tailored to match your taste and made for longevity, our raised planters bring functionality and charm to your landscaping.


Basketball Courts

Turn your backyard into a sports paradise with our customized basketball court paving solutions. Our process from conceptualization to installation guarantees unique courts that add thrill and fun to your own property, promising years of joy for you and your loved ones.

Concrete Foundations

No matter the size of your project, our concrete foundation paving services are designed for optimal performance. Whether it’s a new house, garage, or outdoor feature, you can rely on our team for a strong and accurately poured foundation that serves as a dependable base for your construction requirements.


Upgrade your outdoor space with our innovative concrete curbing service. Strategically positioned curbs serve many purposes, enhancing aesthetics and providing structure, erosion control, and delineation to your outdoor landscape, which underscores their importance in landscaping design.


Our team’s expertise lies in concrete paving services, including general paving, stamped and colored concrete, decorative concrete, sidewalks, driveways, and more. Our top priorities include completing projects on schedule, staying within budgetary limits, and meeting our clients’ specific needs to guarantee exceptional outcomes. Rest assured that our commitment to top-notch quality and keen attention to detail ensures that our concrete surfaces are not only visually appealing, but also durable and long-lasting.


Revamp your outdoor living area with our custom-designed patio paving. Redefine your leisure moments with a gorgeous patio that merges chic design with functionality, offering a versatile space for relaxing, dining, and socializing.


RB Paving & Landscape specializes in a wide array of paving services, including sealcoating, full parking lot installations, repairs, patching, striping, new paving, crack filling, and various other options. Specializing in hardscape architecture, our skilled team creates stunning sidewalks, driveways, and road surfaces. We are dedicated to completing projects as scheduled and within budget, ensuring exceptional results that enhance the aesthetic appeal and practicality of your business or home.

Land Work


Picking the correct grading experts is crucial, and we provide precise and expert service. Expert grading leads to a leveled and functional outdoor area, fosters proper water flow, protects against erosion, and establishes a strong base for your outdoor living spaces.

Tractor Work

Trust RB Paving & Landscape for professional tractor work. This step is indispensable for ensuring land is adequately prepared, an essential component in crafting a captivating landscape design. Our adept professionals are known for executing tasks with accuracy and safety. Leverage our expertise to ensure the success of your landscaping project.

Insurance Repairs

Trust RB Paving & Landscape as your go-to partner for landscape repairs and emergency tree assistance. Our experienced team promptly handles storm damage, fallen trees, and other outdoor emergencies. We coordinate with your insurance provider to streamline the repair process and ensure a seamless, stress-free experience for you. We work to swiftly and effectively restore your yard or outdoor living space to its former glory. Depend on our expertise and seamless coordination to restore your landscape to perfection.

Tree Services

Tree Trimming

Enhancing the health, safety, and beauty of your trees is the ultimate goal of our comprehensive tree trimming service, leading to an overall enhancement of your property’s appeal and functionality. Through the application of cutting-edge pruning techniques, our skilled arborists encourage optimal growth, refine tree structure, and transform the visual look of your landscape. By skillfully removing dead or overgrown branches, we remove risks like falling debris or limbs during storms and create a safe space for your family and visitors.

Apart from ensuring safety, regular tree trimming supports tree vitality by reducing disease risks and enhancing air movement and sunlight exposure within the canopy of the tree. These methods foster strong growth, vibrant foliage, and overall tree vitality, contributing to a stunning landscape that remains vibrant throughout every season. Designed to suit the specific demands of each tree species and your landscaping goals, our tree trimming services are precisely tailored. Trust in our tree trimming skills to ensure your trees thrive and enhance your property’s value, beauty, and safety for the long term.

Tree Transplant

For skilled tree transplanting, rely on RB Paving & Landscape. We specialize in relocating trees to enhance your landscape design, ensuring their successful establishment and thriving growth. Work alongside your landscape designer to customize the picturesque yard of your dreams! We oversee everything, including choosing ideal planting locations and providing post-transplant care, to create a vibrant and cohesive environment.


Iron Fencing

Heighten the security aspects and elevate the attractiveness of your property with our handcrafted wrought iron fences, gates, and doors. We excel in creating tailor-made designs for both homes and businesses, harnessing the robustness and versatility of wrought iron to fabricate long-lasting and visually appealing outdoor ironwork. Every element undergoes precise measurements and flawless installation, guaranteeing an enhancement of your home or business’s character and allure, alongside enduring functionality.

Vinyl Fencing

Our range of vinyl fences is adaptable to different requirements and aesthetic preferences. Choose from a wide array of colors, heights, and designs in our vinyl fencing collection, providing solutions for privacy, security, or decorative purposes. Vinyl fencing is low-maintenance, durable, visually pleasing, and adds value and appeal to any property, which is why it’s such a popular choice for commercial and residential applications. You can rely on us to deliver top-quality vinyl fencing solutions that are precisely tailored to your specific preferences and requirements.

Fire Pits

Fire Pits

Elevate the ambiance of your outdoor spaces with our fire pits, bringing a cozy and inviting feel perfect for gatherings and unwinding. Whether it’s a cold evening or a breezy summer night, a fire pit enhances your outdoor environment to create a welcoming and laid-back atmosphere.

Block Fire Pits

Add a one-of-a-kind and fashionable feature to your outdoor space with a block fire pit. Constructed from durable materials, these fire pits serve as a gathering focal point and enhance the sophistication and charm of your landscape design.

Grass Alternatives

Artificial Turf

Artificial turf presents a host of advantages, such as minimal upkeep, water preservation, and a lush look that lasts throughout the year. Featuring a verdant, authentic appearance without the upkeep of mowing or watering, it’s an excellent solution for demanding lifestyles and environmental considerations. Your professional landscaper near you will help you explore options and determine if synthetic turf is the best fit for your project.

Putting Greens

Perfect your putting skills with our stunning, personalized putting greens. Crafted to match your style and available area, these putting greens offer a professional-quality surface for practice and leisure, empowering you to refine your abilities and bring the golfing atmosphere right to your back yard.

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