Landscaping Service in Oak Hills

RB Paving & Landscape’s influence extends well beyond the boundaries of Oak Hills, which is why we’ve been a well-known name throughout the region since 2005. Owner Ruben Beltran has assembled a team of the most diligent, dependable, and experienced individuals who strive to deliver top-notch craftsmanship and customer service to each residential and commercial client. Our locally owned, locally operated company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind. With our origins deeply tied to family values and a steadfast commitment to those principles, we’ve become synonymous with trust as the premier landscaping and paving business in the Oak Hills area. When it comes to exceeding expectations and addressing unique customer requirements, our team is simply unmatched. Reach out today, schedule your free estimate, and experience for yourself why RB Paving & Landscape is the top choice for your paving or landscaping job!

Elevate Your Outdoor Spaces with Our Oak Hills Landscaping Company

Creating personalized and awe-inspiring outdoor environments is what inspires the RB Paving & Landscape team. Our extensive range of services, including landscape lighting, retaining walls, block walls, tree planting, irrigation systems, artificial turf installation, rockscapes, and more, is designed to enhance both the aesthetics and practicality of your property. Whether you envision a tranquil garden oasis or a contemporary, fuss-free outdoor space, our team has the talent and vision to bring your ideas to fruition. Every client’s vision is unique, and we recognize that by working closely with you to personalize our approach to align with your preferences and budgetary needs. We promise outstanding outcomes that go beyond expectations, catering to both modest residential undertakings and major commercial ventures. Choose us as your go-to landscaper in Oak Hills for unmatched artistry, precision, and a seamless journey from beginning to end.


Concrete Foundations

Our proficiency in concrete foundation paving extends to projects of all scales and ensures quality results every time. Whether your project involves constructing a home, garage, or outdoor structure, our team focuses on delivering a durable and precisely crafted foundation that serves as a sturdy base for your building endeavors.


At RB Paving & Landscape, our expertise in paving extends to sealcoating, crack filling, new paving, striping, repairs, full parking lot installations, and a host of other services. Our team brings years of experience to hardscape architecture, particularly in designing sidewalks, road surfaces, and driveways. We prioritize finishing projects on time and within budget, achieving exceptional outcomes that enhance the attractiveness and usability of your home or business.

Basketball Courts

Experience the excitement of owning a personalized basketball court crafted to perfection by our paving professionals. Our expertise in creating unparalleled courts ensures excitement and leisure on your own property, guaranteeing long-lasting enjoyment for you and your favorite folks.


We excel in concrete paving services, offering skilled execution of options like decorative concrete, sidewalks, driveways, stamped and colored concrete, and general paving. Our main objectives include timely project delivery, budget adherence, and meeting client requirements to ensure exceptional outcomes. Trust in our commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail as we create concrete surfaces that are not only visually appealing, but also durable enough to bring enduring beauty to your outdoor areas.


Elevate your landscaping game with our professional concrete curbing service. Strategically placed curbs elevate aesthetics and serve functional purposes like erosion prevention, space delineation, and structural organization in your outdoor space, demonstrating their effectiveness in landscaping.


Elevate your outdoor lifestyle with our tailored patio paving solutions. Embrace leisure at its finest with a captivating patio that harmonizes style and usability to create a delightful space for relaxation, dining, and gathering.

Irrigation & Drainage

Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

Experience top-notch watering solutions with RB Paving & Landscape’s sprinkler irrigation systems. Customizable configurations and consistent distribution ensure your landscape gets the perfect hydration, encouraging proper growth and efficient water usage for a lush, dynamic outdoor environment.


We encourage our customers to realize the significance of incorporating drainage systems into your landscaping project. Well-planned drainage wards off water harm, soil erosion, and standing water, establishes a solid base for greenery and construction, and boosts the durability and aesthetics of your outdoor setting.

Drip Irrigation

Make gardening simpler and more efficient with our landscaping service’s drip irrigation systems. Maximize water conservation and minimize effort with this automated system, designed to provide precise water delivery to plant roots for flourishing, healthy landscapes without the need for manual watering.


Iron Fencing

Enhance both the safety and visual appeal of your property with our customized wrought iron fences, gates, and doors. We are experts in crafting custom-made designs for residential and commercial settings, leveraging the durability and versatility of wrought iron to produce robust and fashionable outdoor iron features. Each element is measured meticulously and installed with care to elevate the individuality and charm of your home or commercial space, ensuring enduring practicality and visual appeal.

Vinyl Fencing

Choose from our diverse selection of vinyl fences tailored to suit different needs and design preferences. Delve into the assortment of colors, heights, and designs available in our vinyl fencing range, allowing for customization based on your privacy, security, or decorative needs. Vinyl fencing requires minimal upkeep, is durable, and visually enhances any property, thereby adding value and appeal. For those reasons and more, it’s a highly popular option among homeowners and business owners. Rely on us to provide superior vinyl fencing options designed specifically to match your unique preferences and requirements.

Tree Services

Tree Trimming

Our holistic tree trimming solutions are tailored to enhance the vitality, safety, and visual appeal of your trees, thereby elevating the overall charm and usability of your property. Our proficient arborists employ advanced pruning strategies to stimulate healthy development, refine tree architecture, and amplify the visual charm of your outdoor surroundings. Our precise removal of dead or overgrown branches minimizes hazards like falling limbs or debris during storms to create a safe haven for your family and guests.

Besides prioritizing safety, regular tree trimming boosts tree health by minimizing disease risks and maximizing air movement and sunlight penetration to the tree’s canopy. This encourages robust growth, vibrant leaves, and overall tree strength, adding to a lush and visually appealing landscape throughout every season. Tailored to each tree species and your landscaping vision, our tree trimming services are designed to meet your specific needs. Rely on our tree trimming expertise to guarantee your trees flourish, enhancing your property’s value, beauty, and safety for many years.

Tree Transplant

Get top-notch tree transplant services from RB Paving & Landscape. We excel in tree relocation to refine your landscape design, ensuring their successful adaptation and healthy growth. Team up with your landscape designer to transform your outdoor space into a scenic paradise! From pinpointing ideal planting areas to tending to plants after transplantation, we oversee every facet to cultivate a thriving and balanced environment.


Modern Landscapes

Blending contemporary aesthetics seamlessly with practical features, our landscaping designs offer both style and utility. We design contemporary landscapes that span from serene garden spaces to sophisticated outdoor living areas, enhancing your property’s attractiveness and enhancing your outdoor enjoyment. They even help improve curb appeal and raise property value!

Native Plants to the High Desert Area

Native plants are a key component of every landscaping design we craft. With a wide range of choices, from Joshua trees to desert sage to Mojave yuccas and more, our experts will assist you in hand-selecting every aspect of your landscape design. Through the integration of local plants and wildlife, we design sustainable landscapes that showcase enduring beauty, minimal maintenance, and environmental benefits.

Desert Oasis

Let our residential landscaping professionals help you transform your High Desert property into a peaceful desert paradise. Our specialized approach to desert oasis landscaping combines vibrant greenery, relaxing water features, and strategic design elements to craft a peaceful haven that thrives in our unique climate.

Low Voltage Lighting

Light up your outdoor space with our fashionable and functional low-voltage landscaping lighting solutions. Enhance security, showcase architectural details, and establish a welcoming atmosphere with eco-friendly LED fixtures that complement your landscape design’s beauty both night and day.

Drought-Tolerant Landscape

When it comes to creating breathtaking, environmentally friendly, drought-resistant landscapes, our team shines. By employing native plants, xeriscaping principles, and efficient irrigation, we design landscapes that don’t simply conserve water and reduce maintenance, but also thrive in desert climates, ensuring long-lasting beauty and environmental sustainability.

Desert Landscapes

Seeking a landscaper in California’s High Desert means finding a landscaper who truly understands the complexities and advantages of this specific climate. RB Paving & Landscape excels in crafting breathtaking desert landscapes designed specifically to flourish in this unique area. Our strategy incorporates plants that thrive in drought conditions, employs xeriscaping (or dryscaping) approaches, and develops sustainable designs that enhance and harness the intrinsic charm of Oak Hills.


Decorative Block Walls

We take pride in our work, which includes designing decorative block walls that marry style and functionality for your outdoor area. Unlike standard retaining walls, block walls offer a diverse array of design possibilities, merging structural integrity with aesthetic charm. Our landscaping company uses durable concrete, fortified with steel where necessary, to create interlocking block designs that guarantee stability and evenly distributed weight to meet a variety of landscaping requirements.

Whether it’s about framing your outdoor space or introducing an inventive feature such as a fire pit, our skilled team can actualize your ideas with accuracy and proficiency. Offering versatility in landscaping, block walls are practical solutions for soil containment, plant delineation, or land partitioning, opening up endless design possibilities. It’s a pleasure for us to partner with you in creating impressive and efficient block walls that enhance the visual appeal and usability of your outdoor area.

Raised Planters

Add a touch of sophistication to your outdoor environment with our raised planters. These refined features bring grace and detail to outdoor environments, serving as a focal point for verdant foliage and colorful floral presentations. Tailored to your preferences and built to last, our raised planters add practicality and elegance to your outdoor design.

Patio Design


Elevate your outdoor living space with RB Paving & Landscape’s unique pergola designs. These modern designs provide shade, demarcate areas, and infuse architectural beauty into your outdoor environment. Whether for unwinding or hosting, pergolas establish a cozy and inviting vibe that turns your outdoor area into a cherished haven for leisurely moments with loved ones.

BBQ Islands

Create unforgettable outdoor dining experiences with our personalized BBQ island solutions. Crafted to suit your needs, these custom islands combine practicality and elegance. We offer an array of integrated grills, countertops, storage solutions, and seating options. Elevate your outdoor dining and hosting with a BBQ island that transforms your outdoor area and turns each meal into an enjoyable occasion.

Insurance Repairs

Count on RB Paving & Landscape for all your landscape repair needs and emergency tree services. For storm damage, fallen trees, or outdoor emergencies, our skilled team provides rapid assistance. Collaborating with your insurance company, we aim to streamline the repair process and make it hassle-free for you. Our objective is to provide rapid and efficient restoration services for your outdoor space. With our attention to detail and expert coordination, we guarantee the restoration of your landscape to its optimal condition.

Fire Pits

Block Fire Pits

Enhance the aesthetics of your landscape with the addition of a block fire pit. Fashioned from long-lasting materials, these fire pits act as a gathering centerpiece that brings your landscape design together with charm and sophistication.

Fire Pits

Enhance the atmosphere of your outdoor spaces with our fire pits, made to provide a cozy and inviting environment for gatherings and relaxation. Regardless of the weather, a fire pit makes your outdoor space inviting and comfortable, making them perfect for during any season.

Stone & Rock

Colored Concrete

Transform your outdoor environment with eye-catching colored concrete from our esteemed local landscaping service in Oak Hills. Colored concrete offers both flexibility and endurance, capable of transforming driveways, patios, and pathways with personalized touches, enhancing curb appeal, and creating a cohesive outdoor atmosphere. The abundance of color options allows for the creation of a uniquely personalized and cohesive look.

Patio Pavers

Renew the look of your home’s exterior with our range of patio pavers. Our durable and stylish pavers enhance curb appeal, increase functionality, and establish inviting outdoor living spaces that enhance the overall appearance and value of your property.

Veneer Stone

Upgrade your outdoor space with the addition of veneer stone for a whole new look and ambiance. Versatile and stylish, veneer stone is perfect for outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, walls, and many more applications because it lends texture, coziness, and an earthy aesthetic to your landscape design. Harness the charm of veneer stone to create a stylish and inviting outdoor living area.

Stepping Stone Pavers

Take your back or front yard landscaping to the next level by exploring our selection of stepping stone pavers. Craft charming walkways, illuminate garden focal points, and add a dose of grace and practicality to your outdoor space with these adaptable and stylish pavers.

Decorative Rock

Elevate your outdoor environment with decorative rock from RB Paving & Landscape. Elevate your residential front or back yard landscaping or commercial areas with our versatile collection of decorative rocks and add dynamic texture, striking contrast, and captivating visual intrigue to your project. Working in harmony, these features enhance your landscape and create an inviting, enchanting atmosphere that leaves a lasting impact on observers and visitors alike.

Flagstone Walkways

Delve into the classic beauty of flagstone walkways. Fashioned from genuine stone, these walkways boast unique textures, enduring strength, and an earthy allure that seamlessly and significantly elevates every outdoor ambiance. Consider flagstone for a lasting and distinctive feature in your landscape design.


Restore the vibrancy of your outdoor area with our thorough cleanup services. Whether you need a thorough cleanup, weed elimination, or a meticulous lawn makeover, our team guarantees a spotless and finely cared-for landscape. Consistent maintenance doesn’t simply enhance the exterior of your home, but also fosters plant vitality, curbs weed growth, and fosters an inviting atmosphere for outdoor leisure. Count on us to ensure your outdoor space remains in top-notch condition all year long.

Grass Alternatives

Putting Greens

Improve your golf performance with our beautiful, fully customized putting greens. Designed to fit your specifications and available space, these custom greens offer a top-tier surface for training and relaxation, enabling you to hone your skills and recreate the golf course ambiance on your own property.

Artificial Turf

Artificial turf comes with multiple advantages, including reduced upkeep, water conservation, and a consistently verdant appearance year-round. Exhibiting a lavish, natural aesthetic without the need for mowing or watering, it’s an excellent option for busy individuals and eco-friendly initiatives. Your landscaper near you will guide you through choices and assist in determining if artificial grass suits your project needs.

Land Work


Selecting competent grading professionals is crucial, and we ensure meticulous and expert service. Diligent grading creates a flat and practical outdoor space, supports proper water drainage, combats erosion, and establishes a secure foundation for your outdoor living zones.

Tractor Work

Turn to RB Paving & Landscape for reliable tractor work. This step is crucial for land readiness and plays a pivotal role in crafting an attractive landscape design. The precision and safety standards of our operations are upheld by our skilled professionals. Trust our expertise to lead your landscaping project to success.

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